How It Works

The idea behind our interior design services revolves around a concept called E-Design. Essentially, you tell us what type of decorating you want to accomplish in your space, and we create Design Boards with suggested items that fit your room requirements with an attached shopping list. It is then up to the client to purchase the items suggested and implement them in their space at their convenience. E-Design is a more affordable interior design option and ideal for clients who want to decorate at their own pace. This process allows us to provide services for clients across the United States as easily as we can serve those in the DC Metro Area. 

E-Design Steps:

1. You provide room measurements, style preferences, photos and budget so we can understand your decorating needs.

2. We create and send you personalized Design Boards that showcase pieces that fit your room requirements. Check out the first round of boards we sent our client for the Georgetown Nursery:

Nursery Design Board 1.jpeg
Nursery Design Board 2.jpeg

3. You give feedback on the Design Boards and we revise to create one final Design Board. Georgetown Nursery final board:

Nursery Design Board Final.jpeg

4. You implement the design in your space! Check out more photos from the Georgetown Nursery here.